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Meghalaya Police Twitter post about Marijuana Trucks took the internet by Storm

The day was 17th July 2020, Friday. Amid the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on the northeast Indian states, Meghalaya Police caught and seized a truck carrying 500 kgs of Marijuana (cannabis Sativa or weed).

They announced the news on the Meghalaya Police Twitter page. But the way they conveyed the message was so creative and fun that it took the social media by storm.

Later, the story becomes so popular that the major news publishers in national media also covered the story.

Taking to Twitter Meghalaya Police said, “Weed like to inform the general public that, of all the Essential items permitted in the times of #Corona, Marijuana ain’t one of them. Sorry for our bluntness, but that’s just how we roll! Kudos to Ribhoi Police for intercepting a Truck carrying 500 KGs of Marijuana.”

Here is the post:

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